JC04 Laptop Battery For HP

  • Model: JC04
  • Capacity: 32Wh 2200mAh
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Cells: 4 Cells

৳ 2,200
Basic Information
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Battery Voltage 14.8V
Capacity 32wh 2200mAh
No. of Cell 4
Compatible Laptop Model HP 255 G6 250 G6 Pavilion 15-bs000, 15-bs060wm, 15-bs192od, 15-bs033cl, 15-bs095ms, 15-bs015dx, 15-bs020wm 15-bs016dx 15-bs038dx 15-bs078cl, 15-bs060wm, 15-bs013nr, 15-bs077nr, 15-bs053od 15-bs091ms, 15-bs080wm, 15-bs053od, 15-bs131nr, 15-bs023cy, 15-bs016dx, 15-bs038cl , 15-bs058ca 15-bs065nr, 15-bs091ms, 15-bs091ms, 15-bs132nr, 15-bs008cy, 15-bs011cy, 15-bs132nr, 15-bw000, 15-bw011dx, 15-bw070nr, 15-bw028ca, 15-bw036nr and also fits Models HP Pavilion 17z, 14-bw014nf, 17-bs039nf, 17-ak004ng, 17-ak007na, 17-ak015ng
Battery Part Number JC04, JCO3, JCO4, TPN-C129, TPN-C130, TPN-Q186, TPN-Q187, TPN-W129, TPN-W130, 2LP34AA, 919681-221, 919681-231, 919681-241, 919682-421, 919682-831, 919700-850, 919701-850, HSTNN-DB8A, HSTNN-DB8B, HSTNN-DB8E, HSTNN-L67N, HSTNN-PB6Y
Warranty Information
Warranty 6 Month

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